Why Real Madrid won’t win the Euroleague

Why Real Madrid won’t win the EuroleagueThe Euroleague reigning champions started in a powerful way this season too, both in ACB and in the European competition. They look like the same team that won the titles last year, but they aren’t. The last games lost against Olympiacos and Barcelona broke the myth of invincibility created around this amazing squad.

And here are the reasons why I am sure that Real Madrid won’t repeat the Euroleague title:

  1. The absence of Luka Doncic who was the best player in Europe and Spanish League ACB last year and who won all the MVP titles: Euroleague, Final4, ACB regular season and ACB Finals. Luka was the engine for winning the titles last year and he cannot be replaced so easily.
  2. The newcomers are weak for Euroleague level: Klemen Prepelic, Gabriel Deck and Santi Yusta are an experiment made by Laso this year when the Real Madrid organization knows that they have to relax, they won last year so, it will be a break for a couple of years till the next European title.
  3. Despite playing good, the team is getting older and older. When the Euroleague play-off will start, center Felipe Reyes will be 39 years old and sharpshooter Jaycee Carroll – 36! Rudy Fernandez, at his 34 years and with the back operation won’t be the same player as 5 years ago when he delighted the audience with tremendous alley-oops. Gustavo Ayon will have the same age as Rudy in April 2019!
  4. The injuries are already affecting Real Madrid and if they will miss two-three players, there will be any chance to reach even the Final4!
  5. The other teams frustrated by the last years’ lack of results will come stronger for the Euroleague playoffs.

In conclusion, Real Madrid remains a good team, with one of the best rosters in the Euroleague, but they are not the candidate for the crown this season!

Graţian Cormoş, info@brainbasketball.net

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