Betting tips: Oradea to win the second leg vs. Falco in BasketballCL

Even if they had a very bad game in Hungary, in the first leg of the qualifiers, I trust CSM Oradea to win today’s game at home against Falco Szombathely. The host team has the first chance to win the second leg because:

  • they have a better rotation and much better foreigner players than Falco-Vulcano. The foreigners of Oradea had low percentages in the first game, but their level is higher than that. If they will improve the shooting from the arc, the victory won’t be a problem for CSM Oradea.
  • playing at home, in front of your fans is always an advantage, especially in the qualifiers, where the level of the teams is very tied
  • A victory is not enough for the Romanian team, they need 10 points margin in order to remove the deficit from the first leg of the qualifiers. So I expect from them an amazing motivation from the first seconds of the encounter, in this do-or-die game.

With a lot of concentration and a bit of luck, CSM Oradea can qualify for the next stage of the qualifiers, where the winner of this series will meet the Latvians from Ventspils.


Gratian Cormos