Betting tips: Virtus Bologna to enter the BCL Final 4

Nanterre 92 has one of the best defenses in Basketball Champions League but this wouldn’t stop the destiny: they will be eliminated by Virtus Bologna on the road to the Final 4. I am very confident in the Italian squad because:

  1. the value of their roster is huge. After Hapoel Jerusalem, they are 2nd in points per game with 84.9 and 3rd on index rate with an average of 96.7.
  2. Since they added Yanick Moreira and Mario Chalmers, their quality rotation is one of the largest in Europe. Virtus Bologna has now 8 foreigners and 4 very good Italians, a huge advantage in front of Nanterre.
  3. the signing of the experienced head coach Sasha Djordjevic was their best move, providing a new path to the team.
  4. Nanterre isn’t a bad team, but an average one for this level of the BCL. They simply cannot compare with Virtus Bologna and maybe they have a small chance to win the 1st leg. If this will happen, in the 2nd leg at Bologna, Virtus will smash them as they did with Le Mans.

Gratian Cormos,

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