Boston Celtics – simply pathetic in the crucial game at home

Boston Celtics – simply pathetic in the crucial game at home

After winning the 1st game of the semifinals at Milwaukee with a big margin (112-90), the Celtics started to play chaotic, disappointing their fans. In the yesterday game, in Boston, they blow a huge possibility to tie the series. All the reasons appointed to a must win by the Celtics, who beneficiated also of the comeback of longtime injured Marcus Smart.

Bucks instead had to face the battle without one of their key-players Malcolm Brogdon, absent due to an injury. In these circumstances, Boston Celtics became the favourite of the encounter. And they had a good start, till the turn around moment when Giannis Antetokounmpo & Co. imposed their rhythm.

Both squads were pathetic from the arc. The Celtics had 9 from 41 shots (22%) and the Bucks even worse, 8 from 37 (21.6%). Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart had 1/7 each from the 3 point line, meanwhile, Gordon Hayward finished another crappy game with only 2 points scored.

The chemistry of Boston Celtics is 0 at the moment and the team that presented themselves as a title contender at the beginning of the season it looks now like a bunch of inexperienced juniors in front of Milwaukee Bucks. If you don’t beat the visitors even if they are shooting poorly percentages, you won’t have any chance to go further in NBA playoffs. That’s the rule.

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