Brescia destroyed in the last quarter by Joventut Badalona

Yesterday, one of the most exciting games of the opening round in the Eurocup was the clash between Joventut Badalona and Germani Brescia. In spite of some roster problems, like the absence of the French power forward William Howard, Joventut Badalona showed again a solid and collective basketball. The Spanish team was also without their new acquisition Jarrod Jones, but nothing could stop them.

The battle seemed balanced till the last minute of the 3rd quarter when the visitors had the opportunity to take the lead, but they missed that huge possibility and then the game started to break for them. In the last stanza, like all the great squads, Joventut Badalona marched over the Italians with an incredible run and never looked back.

Brescia showed in the last quarter all their weaknesses and shortcomings. They started to play like a selfish team, desperate to score, choosing bad moments to shoot etc. On the other side, Joventut Badalona – even if they played many minutes with young guys, like Kraag, Maronka, Busquets, and Parra – had more coherence on both sides of the court.

Badalona rotated the whole roster and that was one of the keys to the victory. The collective effort of the Spaniards gave Brescia no chance in the last minutes of the encounter when effectively they lost control of the game. The final margin (80-63) is too high for the level of both teams and reflects once again the good basketball philosophy practised by Joventut, who relies a lot on young talents.

Image credit: Eurocup

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