British basketball teams are pathetic for the European level

Yesterday, London Lions have lost the game against Neptunas Klaipeda. A couple of days ago the Lithuanian club was the big favourite to win the encounter since the moment people realised that they have no foreigners in the roster. Even more, the roster has not anymore the quality of the last seasons and the veteran Simas Galdikas missed this game.

On the other side, the English team came into the game with some ex-NBA players like DeAndre Liggins. Their team had much better skills, athleticism but in the end, they played a chaotic game losing in an embarrassing way. If you cannot beat this Neptunas, which is a shadow of Lithuanian basketball, then it is obvious that basketball in the UK has a lot to improve.

Euroleague wants to establish a team in London, because it is a big city, with huge monetary potential. FIBA is trying to attract also British clubs in the European competition, but if the level of basketball in the UK won’t increase, there is no chance to do something. Yes, you can bring in 5-6 American players, ex-NBA players, invest money but the popularity of this sports has to be grown in the country. It is so strange that in a country that is so close political and cultural to the USA, the passion for basketball is dead. Unfortunately, the British people want to see Barbarian sports like rugby and football while drinking 18 beers in a pub and shouting. That’s why the level of their basketball competition is mediocre and pathetic.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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