Clever teams are hiding under Covid-19 cases, while other innocent teams are still playing

I think Covid-19 is real but it starts to be a trend to try cancelling games because you have maybe 2-3 players positive in the roster. The organizers of the main European competitions (Euroleague, Eurocup, Champions League) should do something to control this trick.

I will explain to you what is really happening in European basketball right now: some teams are travelling and play difficult games having only 8 players (including juniors) while other clubs “don’t have the minimum of 8 players” and that’s why they don’t play those games. I am sure that some of them are having those 8 players but they are not so “stupid” to play. They have maybe 2-3 covid cases this week and they don’t want to lose games and they pretend to have “many covid cases”. It’s a simple trick that is working.

Remember Khimki travelling to Real Madrid with only 8 players (including some names I never heard in basketball)? Remember Promitheas, Nanterre last week playing away with the roster decimated and filling this roster with local kids? All those were acts of courage, the dignity of playing basketball in hard circumstances accepting the high probability to lose those battles.

I suspect that some teams don’t have the same vision and they are hiding under 2 covid Cases pretending to have much more. Let’s say they have 4 players diagnosed as positive. So what? The roster is made by 14-16 players. Play with the healthy ones, bring in some juniors, don’t cry to postpone encounters. This week you avoid losing because you “don’t have the minimum of 8 players” and the next week you smash another team that is coming with 8 players, while miraculously you have the roster full again. How is this possible?

The solution is to have a true test made by the organizers (Euroleague, FIBA and so on), with justice for all the teams involved. And to try to find any solution to play those games. To avoid any scam made by some clubs that are using Coronavirus in their favour!

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