CSKA – absolutely embarrassing at Real Madrid

From favourite to win the game because of the home-court advantage, Real Madrid became the true underdog against CSKA Moscow. During the previous days of the encounter, Los Blancos had more and more missing players and it seemed that the game has to be postponed. In the end, CSKA with a full roster travelled to Madrid for an “easy game”: Real had 11 players out and barely they could bring together 9 guys to face the visitors.

But Real Madrid without those 11 players and also without their head coach Pablo Laso that has Covid too tried to resist. They had only 5 experienced players available, between them Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Lull, both with many injuries last couple of seasons.

The Spanish team completed the roster with 4 young guys like Tristan Vukcevic, who was the only one that had a bit of Euroleague experience with the squad. The last player from Madrid’s roster was Baba Miller that entered under 2 minutes against CSKA.

In these circumstances, The Red Army should have won by 30 points and nobody would have said Wow, what a huge night! Instead of this, the Russian were not able to keep pace with the juniors of Real Madrid. The 3 teenagers of the Spanish team scored the same amount of points as Shved, Hackett, Bolomboy, Grigonis, Voigtmann, Ukrov, Antonov and Shengelia together!

There is no chemistry at the moment in this CSKA team. I don’t imagine other Euroleague squad losing so pathetic in front of these Spanish kids!

Image credit: Euroleague

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