Dallas Mavericks need to make some moves

After starting the season on a positive note, with Luka Doncic playing at an MVP level, Dallas Mavericks is on a downfall in the last 10 games, as they are on a 4-game losing streak (losing 7 in the last 10 games also). Even though Luka still gets his stats night in and night out, the team seems to rely too much on his offense and this is a factor of their unsuccess because as good of a player as Doncic is, the opponent teams are starting to make their defensive schemes based only on one player, so that makes it very hard for the Mavs superstar to thrive.

He is currently leading the league in points per game, with 33.1, to go along with 8.7 rebounds and 8.4 assists on 50% FG%. Those are very good numbers, numbers which raised him to the top spot in the MVP ladder, but there is more to a basketball game than those numbers, and the Mavs don’t look like they found those missing factors that got them on the 11th spot after almost 20 games. Jason Kidd has to find a way to get others properly involved in the offensive scheme because with this current style of play, they will not achieve much.

If Marc Cuban wants his organization to be successful, he has to push from some trades as soon as possible. He needs to have a conversation with Luka and make a list of valuable assets that could help take the load off him at some points in the game. They need a player who can be a constant threat on offense, because, in this way, Doncic could move more without the ball and create opportunities for other teammates by simply being present on the floor. In a previous interview from last week, Luka didn’t show any sign of wanting to go elsewhere, as he was asked if he thinks about making a move if he doesn’t win a championship in Dallas soon, so the fans can relax over this matter.