DeMarcus Cousins put in danger Warriors’ win in the last minutes

According to the specialists and NBA commentators, last summer was a very lucky one for Golden State Warriors. They managed to sign DeMarcus Cousins, considered one of the most talented and skilled centers in the league. Therefore, the already stacked of superstars team of Warriors had added another all-star in the roaster. Cousins signed for 1 year, 5.337.000 $ contract, a great deal, taking into consideration his really good numbers, 21.2 points and 10.9 rebounds per game, career average.

Nonetheless, this season was not the expected one, both for the player and the association. After a very serious injury, a torn Achilles that had kept him off the court for more than half of the current season, Cousins managed to return on the court. The dream continued and the Warriors got to the finals, playing against the Toronto Raptors. Without Kevin Durant, Golden State needed all the help, but Cousins failed to step up and provide. In game four, he started with 3 ridiculous turnovers in the first minutes, losing the ball every time he attacked the rim.

Game five was a close one. Curry and company managed to steal the win, 106-105, in Toronto, returning for the next game, home in Oakland. DeMarcus Cousins had 14 points in almost 20 minutes, but, in the last 2 minutes of the game, also had three big mistakes that could have cost them the whole game. Two consecutive goaltending (one in offense and one in defense) and a moving screen in the final 15 seconds, giving tremors to the Warriors fans about the final result.

What will the future bring for the talented center? Will he be able to get back to his all-star form? Can he be back in shape as one of the best centers in the league? Moreover, what is his next destination, where would he fit the best?

Nicolae Sorocan