Each team can sign 2 new players for the Final Phase of the Spanish League

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Spanish teams that will take part in the Final Tournament of Liga ACB could add 2 new players before 17 of June when the competition will restart in Valencia. The only limit is regarding the total of 22 players per team for the entire season. If a team rotate already 22 guys in different games during 2019-2020 season, they cannot sign a new one.

This rule is new and has its reason due to Coronavirus special situation when some American players have left their teams and didn’t come back. The most controversial case is that of Malcolm Delaney who went to the USA when the season was frozen and then he and FC Barcelona decided to part ways. But other teams as well have lost players.

Casademont Zaragoza was between the most affected squads, losing 4 players: Fran Vasquez (who suddenly decided to retire in May), Javier Justiz, Jason Thompson and D.J. Seeley. Now they signed the American-Nigerian guard Rasheed Sulaimon who previously played with JDA Dijon this season, registering good numbers in the French League and BasketballCL.

The rosters of the participants at the Spanish Final Phase were more stable than in the Israel basketball league for example where the teams have changed around 30 players during this pandemic situation. In Germany, them clubs have operated some roster’s changes before restarting the season 3 days ago in Munich. Rasta Vechta, for instance, have lost 5 players, adding only 2 new ones.

Now it will be very interesting to see if some of the Spanish teams will bring in during these remaining days 2 amazing players increasing their chances to reach the Semifinals. Imagine a team like Valencia Basket of Unicaja Malaga signing 2 strong ex-NBA players that could make a huge difference on the court. They could win the title in Spain easier than before the Coronavirus outbreak.

Image: Basketball Champions League

Angel Jimenez