FC Barcelona’s shocking loss of the title is very shady

Yesterday the impossible just happened. Baskonia took the title in front of a team with much more money invested and a superior roster. We couldn’t consider this game as Baskonia’s win but as FC Barcelona’s shocking loss. Let’s see some of the aspects of the game that are suspicious for me and definitely for many other basketball fans and specialists:

  • the whole season there were many voices from the crowd asking for coach Svetisla Pesic to leave the club. I am not qualified to say if Pesic is good or bad as a coach and this is not the point. The point is that any decent coach would have won this Final. Any! I don’t think it was Pesic fault or Ivanovic supremacy that decided the game’s winner. Both of them are reputed coaches with some poor or excellent seasons, depending on many factors. My perception here, in this case, is that Pesic cannot be made responsible for the loss.  I think other factors decided the game.
  • The referees were against FC Barcelona and even the commentators from the Spanish television said that. Their wrong attitude, pro-Baskonia was visible for everybody.
  • Nikola Mirotic, the MVP of the season in Spain finished with only 8 points (0/5 from the arc), ONLY 1 rebound and -1 at index rate in 25 minutes spent on the court. He was eliminated with 5 fouls, but even in the time that he played, he was simply disappointing, the shadow of the great player. A big salary for an embarrassing performance. This is ridiculous. Even Andrei Vorontsevich or Ahmet Duverioglu would have played much better. The MVP of LIGA ACB was pathetic.
  • Coach Jasikevicius was waiting for the loss, to see if he can choose Barca as his next destination. Fenerbahce offered him a good contract and personally I consider Saras as TOP 3 coaches in Europe. He is impressive but all the speculations about his coming to take the coach seat in the case of FC Barcelona’s loss could be analyzed as a prediction of the disaster in the final.
  • Only 67 points scored by FC Barcelona in front of an average defense as Baskonia’s one is again very fishy. Let’s remember that Baskonia suffered some huge blows during the season when they were not able to defend at all.

It looks like many factors propelled the Basque team to win the title, but not their own value. FC Barcelona is a much better team, with a superior rotation and there is no doubt that this poor game was “prepared” to be poor!

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos