Friendly games have started. How to bet on them?

End of August and September are the moments of friendly games everywhere in Europe. The teams want to test their new acquisitions and to see where they belong on the map of the preseason. If things go wrong, they have time to adjust their game until the league will start.

I know that all the bettors are hungry to play and make some money and this is normal after a long break when the majority of the leagues were suspended. But betting without making a complete research could be very dangerous as always had. That’s why I have a couple of advice to approach these friendly games:

  • small odds to be avoided especially now when the players didn’t reach the necessary chemistry. Any team can beat anyone. It’s just a game and it is a friendly one so no tragedy if the favourite loses.
  • try to find if all the players signed during the summer break arrived to their new team and if they had time to have proper training.
  • the list of injured players is very important. And as well is the fact that some teams signed fewer foreigners than the others because they are waiting to see if the leagues will really start and maybe then to complete their roster. It is possible that a team can have now only 6 good players available and a bunch of youngsters while the opponents are coming with 10-11 experienced players.
  • analyze the teams that strengthened a lot compared with the last season. If that season was disappointing for the club than it’s more likely they are expecting now good results even in friendly games.
  • Important clubs are not so motivated to win easy friendly games, that’s why huge surprises could appear with underdogs stealing wins, in spite of the odds.

Gratian Cormos

Image:  Lawrence Benard from Pixabay