Hiding for years from Covid-19 is not the solution for European basketball

It’s August already. In a month, the qualifiers for some European competitions are scheduled to start. There is no way that we can postpone the next basketball season. Politicians and governments in Europe have to stop acting like children in front of reopening the games. They have to understand a clear message: we will live with Coronavirus for the years to come. Why live without basketball games? If you postpone the leagues, you don’t propose any solution. No miracle will happen in September, October, November to take COVID-19 from planet Earth.

The entire economy is going further, hundreds of millions of people are going to work every day in the whole of Europe. They are taking metros, they are eating in restaurants, drinking on the terraces, shopping, walking, swimming in the sea. Life itself is continuing its way. Why playing basketball is so special that cannot be made? Since when the young and strong basketball players are a category with a major risk of dying by Coronavirus? They are not 85 years old, they don’t have strong health problems and in the end, they ARE WORKERS like any other PEOPLE. Why can’t they work? It is a stupid prejudice that is freezing the basketball industry and affecting an important segment of the market.

Postponing the European leagues is like postponing the cleaning of your bathroom till November. Nobody will come to clean it, you’ll have to do it anyway! At the right time! I suggest to all the decision factors, including here Basketball Federations, Government, Ministries of Sports to start thinking on HOW to do it, not IF they’ll do it! The season has to start, with Coronavirus, there is no problem with that. 15 guys on a plane or a bus travelling to other cities to play basketball. No big deal! There is no Hiroshima or being left in the middle of the lions in the jungle! You will survive!

Image: by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos