How to improve the PR and Marketing in European basketball? (II)

Today we will continue our ideas started yesterday about the necessity of improving the PR and Marketing in European basketball. Not only building a strong and modern website with an English version too or posting on social media is important. The basketball organization has to:

  • assemble some periodical social events to promote the image of the club in the community. One of the best example that I found it very original it happened in Cluj-Napoca where a tramway was painted with the colours and the symbol of the club U-Banca Transilvania. It was brilliant because it doesn’t need a lot of resources to be involved and it lasts many years. That’s why creative ideas are pure gold. Many times you don’t need so much money to promote the basketball club but willingness, motivation and brightness.
  • keep in touch with your fans through give-away contests and many other promotions that will leave a good mark on the community, strengthening the fan base.
  • participate in humanitarian and ecological campaigns like:  fundraising for the poor or disabled people, planting trees or helping to clean an area of garbage. This is a MUST! People will see the players like their own family, engaged in their current problems.

Even if these things will look very familiar for a PR and Marketing specialist, I can assure you that only 20% of the clubs in Europe are taking care of all of them. Many other brilliant ideas can come up every day if the organization is focused mentally and financially too in order to accomplish these goals. The time of the old-fashioned approach of basketball in Europe has gone. The advertising for the club and for its values has to be uninterrupted, 365 days per year, like a propaganda machine that has no meaning to stop.

Photo: made by me

Gratian Cormos