Romanian Basketball Federation with another anti-democratic decision

The Romanian Basketball Federation came up these days with another illogical move. The U17 women national team will be prepared online by a physical trainer from the football team of Universitatea Craiova. In a country where we have dozens of physical trainers specialized in basketball, this situation is very fishy. I mean it’s not about Cornel Blejan, the man who is supposed to train online FOR FREE the girls from the national team. He can be a good trainer, I have no doubt about it. He has also PHD I heard. Good for him! But it’s about the way that the leaders of the Basketball Federation from Romania are eliminating from the start all the basketball trainers replacing them with a football one. No one of them was asked and this proves the lack of democracy inside the Romanian basketball.

This is a depreciation of the value of the guys that studied hard 3-4 years with the dream to be BASKETBALL physical trainer. They finished faculties, master degrees then they had the luck to start working with a BASKETBALL team, they got better prepared during all this time and now what? A dictatorial entity, the Romanian Basketball Federation, led by greed and their only interest is naming a FOOTBALL trainer. A trainer that has already a good salary from the football team and now will steal the place of a young guy specialized in basketball. Where basketball trainers have to go to train? At rugby? At ice-hockey? This is absurd! When they did a lot of sacrifices to become BASKETBALL trainers. And the worst part is they got paid less than the football trainers, but still, they love Basketball and they want to practice the job. Why is not possible in a primitive country of Romania led by corruption? And then we ask ourselves: why the young talented guys are leaving the country to find a decent job anywhere in Europe? If here, in Romania people like Blejan have 3-4 jobs given by their friends, taking this way the job of other trainers.

I want to demolish another myth: they said the training made by the football coach will be FOR FREE. And some dumb people believed it. But what is for free in a corrupt institution? Of course now with the Coronavirus the training will be maybe not paid at the beginning. Wow, such a nice man that is doing this training for free. But in one or two months, he will definitely be employed by the Romanian Basketball Federation for a huge salary and nobody will know how much money will be involved. Nobody can control the basketball federation. They escape any law.

When corruption is the only rule we can’t expect other results. That’s why the Romanian basketball is stuck in unprofessionalism, primitive decisions and helping the friends of the house. Like MAFIA is doing for hundreds of years. Welcome to Romanian basketball!

Gratian Cormos