Huge mistakes made by the refs against Virtus Bologna

In the last minute of the game between Virtus Bologna and Olympiacos Piraeus, the referees made some mistakes that influenced the final result of the game. Let’s see the facts:

Thomas Walkup (Olympiacos) is throwing the ball desperately in the air because he didn’t find any solution to pass to his teammates and the ball is rebounded by Semi Ojeleye (Virtus Bologna). Ojeleye has a small contact in the air with Kostas Papanikolau (Olympiacos) and the referees are calling foul on Ojeleye when actually was no foul at all. In basketball, sometimes there is contact between the bodies of the players and not 100% of them are considered fouls!!! There is no chess, it’s basketball! There was no foul at all! But the referees are giving a gift of 2 free throws to Kostas Papanikolau.

Milos Teodosic protested against the imaginary foul and receive a technical foul too. So, another free throw against Virtus Bologna. All in all the referees are punishing Ojeleye for his amazing jump and his rebound, they steal the possession of Virtus Bologna and are giving 3 free throws to Olympiacos!

Later, Milos Teodosic is “awarded” with a second technical foul because he is protesting about the ball possession after the out-of-bounds made by Olympiacos. The referees whistled wrong, they rewatch the play on the screen and Teodosic was right:  it is Virtus Bologna’s possession but the free-throw for the second technical foul is given to Olympiacos and Tedodosic is eliminated from the game!

In the end, Olympiacos won the game by 2 points, while Virtus had the last chance to tie or win. Maybe with Teodosic on the court, they would have hit a lucky three-pointer and won the game!

To resume everything: the refs made mistakes, proven as mistakes and Milos Teodosic received 2 technical fouls, one possession was stolen from Virtus Bologna by the refs, and Olympiacos received 4 gifted free throws. How can you win in these circumstances?

You can see this imaginary foul of Ojeleye here on Twitter:


The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: EuroLeague