Joe Alexander wanted to hit legendary Dusko Ivanovic

Joe Alexander wanted to hit legendary Dusko IvanovicAccording to Eurohoops, Besiktas center Joe Alexander tried to “physically attack” head coach Dusko Ivanovic in the locker room after the Basketball Champions League game hosted by the Turkish side against Virtus Bologna.

Joe Alexander was upset about his playing minutes, but I don’t know if he realized that in BCL, Besiktas play with 6 foreigners so the time for each player has to reduce a bit. Joe Alexander played 19 minutes, Ivan Buva  – 20 minutes, Robin Benzing -24, while the Turkish big men Dusan Catenkin 10 minutes and Samet Geyik just 9.

I think everybody was a bit frustrated after the game because, in crucial moments, the referees helped Virtus Bologna and not the home team! Remember in the last seconds of the 3rd quarter, the refs took the ball from Sipahi at 64-66, even if we could saw on the TV reply that he was not the last to touch it when the ball goes out. It was a good possibility for Besiktas to tie the game. The technical foul against Dusko Ivanovic had the same meaning: to protect Bologna from Besiktas comeback!

So, given those heated circumstances, I am not surprised for what has passed in the locker room. But, under no circumstances, a player can be allowed to reach such a level of aggressiveness. The coach is the coach! He has to manage you for the team success. He is your teacher, and you get paid by the team to listen to his orders! What will happen if all the frustrated players will jump to hit the coaches? If you want more minutes to play, prove it on the court, speak with the coach or leave the team and search for another squad where you can show better your abilities!

Graţian Cormoş,

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