Kevin Punter scored 0 points in only 22 minutes for Partizan

I was a great fan of Kevin Punter when he played basketball. Now he is not playing, only entering the court and spending minutes there. I saw him winning the Basketball Champions League in Antwerp with Virtus Segafredo Bologna back in 2019 and I think signing with Olimpia Armani Milano was a good step for his career.  But, after a good season with the Euroleague powerhouse, he went to Eurocup, signing with Partizan. Why leave the main competition in Europe to sign for an inferior one? But, in the end, it was his decision and we have to respect it.

Last night, the amazing scoring machine Kevin Punter “helped” Partizan Nis with 0 points scored in ABA League against Buducnost Voli Podgorica. He ended the game with a negative index rate (-3), actually contributing to the opponents’ victory, instead of helping his team.

In a game lost with a buzzer-beater, spending 22 minutes on the court while scoring no points at all is tragic. Even more tragic, if we consider that this scoring ace could have fought in 3 days in the Euroleague’s Final 4 if he stayed with Olimpia Milano or another Euroleague squad and with a bit of help he could have been the MVP of that Final 4. Instead of this, he probably will watch the semifinals of the Euroleague in Belgrade Arena like other basketball fans.

I still hope Kevin Punter can do more than this. Seeing him back competing on the highest level, in the Euroleague where he belongs would be great.

Image credit: Eurocup 

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