Kyle Hines passed Mike Batiste at rebounds in Euroleague all-time

Another record has fallen this Euroleague round. This time at the rebounds category where undersized center Kyle Hines (CSKA) passed legendary Mike Batiste (who mostly played at Panathinaikos). During the last game played against Khimki Moscow, Hines added 7 rebounds, performance which propelled him to 10th place all-time in the Euroleague at this range.

The American of CSKA has now 1120 total rebounds and he has the opportunity to pass the next round of the Euroleague another legend of the Greens, Antonis Fotsis (1124). Having a bit under 2.00 meters, Kyle Hines is making history in Euroleague as a classical center. Despite his height, he has impressive abilities to rebound meanwhile he doesn’t shot ever from the arc.

Gratian Cormos,

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