Lodon Lions won at Promitheas as I predicted

I decided to trust again this week London Lions in Eurocup. I recommended them as a winner against Promitheas Patras on my private Telegram channel. The initial odd was 2.57 and it was worthy because:

  • Promitheas was without their main player, Joseph Young, which averages more than 24 points per game in the Eurocup!!! In fact, Young is the main scorer of the Eurocup. In his absence, the Greek squad couldn’t have the same offensive power. The level of the Eurocup teams is very balanced this season, so each team can win against any other. Now that Young was out, it seemed not so balanced and London Lions had a small advantage, even if they played away.
  • Another important thing that helped me to take the English team a favourite to win was the resignation of coach Makis Giatras. He led Promitheas Patras from 2013 till last week. After the difficult loss at home against Turk Telekom, he stepped out from the head coach position.

Without the coach that was with the team during the last 10 years and without their amazing scorer Joseph Young, Promitheas resisted in a surprising way and even had some small leads during the 3rd quarter. But in the last stanza, the visitors from London Lions gave them no chance and finished the game on a big note. The final result (66-77) was also influenced by the elimination of George Conditt IV who made in the first minutes of the game 3 fouls already.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: EuroCup