Lokomotiv Kuban – the most embarrassing team of the moment


Each team can have some bad moments. It’s what you say when you realize that Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar lost this week in Eurocup at home with Alba Berlin. It can happen.


But what we saw yesterday it cannot be real: Loko lost at home in VTB League against Bc Kalev Cramo from Tallinn with 80-85! The visitors came to Krasnodar without 3 of the most important players: Ivan Almeida, Tanel Sokk and Kristjan Kangur. These 3 guys score together more than 22 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists per game!!!


Because of their missing, many betting websites didn’t give Kalev an odd, just the handicap plus 22,5. And that’s because it was too obvious for everybody who knows a bit of basketball, that Lokomotiv has to win with around 25-30 points difference.


Instead of this, Lokomotiv showed no defense at all, allowing the opponents to score 13 from 27 (48%) from the arc. It looked for me like a game that HAS to be lost, for some reasons that I don’t know. Because actually there are no excuses for this, Kuban played this week at home in Eurocup and in VTB League, so they were no so tired like after a long trip, they had a solid roster, both Americans and Russians etc.


Maybe it was a FIXED game, maybe the players of Kuban wanted to protest against the management, but they played to LOSE! They were not organized in offense and in defense, they shoot the ball without caring about if they score or not. Better not! Those Kuban players looked like losers and on the other side, on the faces of the fellows of Kalev CRamo, I saw a lot of confidence! Strange!

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