Malcolm Delaney against the idea of playing the Euroleague even later

The FC Barcelona’s guard has posted on his Twitter account many times these weeks firing to the Euroleague’s decisions to continue the competition.

Malcolm Delaney has left the Catalan squad to go back to the United States and has no intention to come back to Europe even if the season will start again. He expressed his feelings about this and is totally against of the idea of continuing the major competition in Europe.

In all his posts on Twitter, the American player maintained with coherence the same attitude and his main argument is that the teams will need a lot of time to be back in shape. With this long break without training in a proper arena will be almost impossible that the players could be physically prepared for the games. In his opinion the players will need a month of training to be able to play again at their highest level.

Delaney saluted with enthousiasm the cancellation of the Greek League posting on his Twitter account: ‘They get it’. His position is for the safety of the players and their families, and in this situation of the Covid-19 spreading all over the globe, the guard is definitely in favor of ending the leagues.

If the Euroleague will concentrate all the remaining games in one city, as it was proposed by the board as the last solution, Delaney is asking how the whole thing will be for the players that have families. Will they live separated from their wifes and kids for a couple of weeks?

Actually, is good to have different opinion about the same reality and this is contributing a lot to understand the things better. Unfortunately, nobody could predict what will happen in the next weeks or even months, that’s why I recommend everybody to be patient. Let’s wait and see how the whole situation will evolve and then when the Coronavirus will be erased, we can see what to do.

It is understandable the will of the teams and of the organizers to try to continue the season when it will be safe to do this, but on the other side, the players are also humans and they have the same rights to live a normal life as anybody else. We need first to protect the life in order to play basketball again in a future.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos