The Euroleague’s board wants to continue the season in one city

The main competition of the continent is suspended but the board is searching for the best solution. According to the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, there are multiple possibilities, but the willing of the organizers is that season has to be played in a way or other.

If there won’t be possible to play a normal season, later in June, the Euroleague will try a special format, concentrating all the teams in the same city as for Eurobasket.

There are many cities in Europe that can provide the hotels’ infrastructure for hosting the squads, but the most important is to have 2 big basketball Arenas where the games could be played every day.

Then, Koln is out of discussion because they have only one basketball court and this is not enough to host the games of 18 teams. The only 3 cities that can provide 2 big basketball courts are Athens, Moscow and Istanbul. Let’s see which one will host the rest of the Euroleague’s season.

This is the best solution for the competition. Even without spectators, the games will be seen on TV or online on Euroleague TV and a champion team will be crowned.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos