NBA players are “heroes” in motivational speeches, but now they are afraid to go back to train with their teams

Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul as leaders of NBPA stated they felt some pressure from the teams to go back to practice. Their pressure is real and it’s understandable: the basketball organizations are losing money every second. In the same time, the players are staying at home, enjoying time with their families, making millions and that’s nice.  It would be awesome if medical staff, pharmacists, delivery guys, cooks, policemen and other social categories could afford that luxury too. But they can’t. Because they are not rich and they HAVE to be there, working in the first line. Only some special people can stay home, feeling pressure to go back to train and choosing to make millions from the sofa while watching Netflix.

I thought that basketball players are young, not 70 years old, with multiple diseases to be protected and isolated at their mansions. I thought their bodies are very strong and it will fight with Coronavirus, eliminating it very quickly if they would take it. Anyway, when the NBA season will resume, the basketball players don’t have to be afraid because they will be tested every day, they will have all the medical care and privileges that normal people won’t have ever. It’s not like going to war in Irak or Afghanistan, it’s simply training inside a secure gym, eating, sleeping and playing. Nothing to be afraid because the environment will be safe. Safer than 99% of other places in the USA. And the basketball players have to understand that by the law we are all equals, even the heroes like them that now are afraid to come back to the training.

The human society is not divided into professional basketball players and the rest of the people. We are all here in this together, the guy that makes your food supply and you, Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving. They come with the food to your door every day, so I guess that you too can do the HEROICAL act of shooting the ball in a gym.

Photo: Валентин Симеонов from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos