Partizan, where is the Serbian mentality?

Almost every week Partizan had a new acquisition. They bring in more and more players, coaches, but the results in Eurocup are not so good. If you take a look at the yesterday game against Monaco, you realize that the Serbian team was dominated the entire game by the French team who used a very short rotation.

Just 7 players scored for Monaco and it was enough to keep at distance Partizan the whole game. I wonder where is the Serbian mentality and basketball school and tactics, strategy, shooting, brilliant offense and defense when you score 13 points per quarter till halftime. And then, in the 3rd quarter, Partizan “erupted” for an impressive 12 points. That’s all you got? This low 12 points in the most important quarter of the game?

Partizan scored 38 points in 3 quarters like a junior team facing a first league team. Ok, they fight desperately in the last stanza to come back and Monaco relaxed a bit, Partizan cut the final deficit to just 4 points. But 68 points are not enough to win at home.

American guard Alex Renfroe was disappointing with 0 points, 0/9 shots and -4 index rate in 20 minutes on the court. Vanja Marinkovic contributed also with 0 points in 24 minutes for the same -4 efficiency. Experienced Serbian center like Novica Velickovic and Djordje Gagic played a couple of minutes for negative index rate too. This is embarrassing: 4 key-players had together -12 efficiency for Partizan. Another star, Rade Zagorac was the king of turnovers with 6. From the free-throw line, the Serbian team was even more ridiculous with 37,5%. To play like this is far from the Partizan mentality, which everybody is expecting.

Last but not least, Partizan didn’t faced Real Madrid of Fenerbahce, but an average team in Europe, Monaco, easier to beat, especially when you play at home.

Angel Jimenez,

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