Prometey lost, but you could win (betting on them)

In the betting world, the majority of the bettors are just innocents that will lose money. They have no idea about money management, mathematics etc. I recommend to them my book “How to bet on basketball” to understand the whole system.

I will take now a recent example. A couple of days ago I recommended betting on  Prometey to win at home against Ludwigsburg at the odd 2.05. My strong reason was that Prometey has fought very bravely last week against Iberostar Tenerife, losing at the buzzer after a 3 pointer. As you know the Spanish team is each year a title contender in the Basketball Champions League.

That’s why I was sure that the odd on Prometey vs. Ludwigsburg was simply too big. And it was. The next days it drooped to 1.62 then 1.52 at the game-time. Perfect, that’s my job: identifying dropping odds, not winners. At that moment you had (if you were smart) 2 options: making good cash out on Prometey or placing some money on Ludwigsburg at odd 2.45.

Actually, I recommend an even better solution: make always 2 bets on the odd that will drop. Let’s say you place 1000 euros on Prometey and then 200 also on them, both bets at odd 2.05. When the odd dropped at 1.52, make cash out on the first bet of 1000 euros – making instantly 1340 euros. And you can maintain those other 200 till the end of the game.

In the end, Prometey were smashed by Ludwigsburg, but with a sharp mind, you could make good money on them. The important thing is to know how to manage the odds. The worst thing you can do is to place a bet and then stay helpless on the couch to watch the game without any reaction.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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