Real Madrid and FC Barcelona having an easy path to the ACB final

Every year, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the big favourites to reach the final act of the Spanish league. Sometimes, Baskonia made some trouble, reaching the final and also winning it as it happened in 2010 and 2020. Valencia Basket made it surprisingly in 2017 when they steal the title after eliminating all the Euroleague teams of Spain. But this season, there are no other teams than Barca and Real Madrid to aim for the title. Unfortunately, Liga ACB cannot provide any other competitor for the 2 richest clubs in Spain and in Europe.

Real Madrid started already the semifinals winning the first game against Baskonia and I am sure they will sweep Baskonia without any effort. Yesterday Real Madrid included in the roster two youngsters from the club, Urban and Nunez, playing and winning relaxed because the difference in level between the 2 teams is too big.

On the other side, FC Barcelona will match in the semis another Catalan squad, Joventut Badalona, who reached the semifinals after 14 years, having an amazing season. But actually, Joventut has reached also their top performance because I don’t see them able to eliminate Barca. Joventut is the revelation of the season in Liga ACB and they are one of the best combinations ever between experienced players (Ante Tomic and Pau Ribas) and youth (and here we can mention all the Badalona’s players). They played a motivated and fresh basketball the whole season, but Barca will have no problem smashing them, advancing easily to the finals.

These are the most unbalanced semifinals in years in the Spanish league.

Image credit: Baskonia

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