Ricky Rubio giving back to the community

Ricky Rubio giving back to the community

Ricky Rubio is one of those players who likes to give back and help the community of United States, and because of that, he opened a foundation that helps kids with financial problems to be treated for lung cancer. The foundation has been opened in 2015 and since then, a lot of donations were made for the cause and many children were helped with the program.

Rubio lost his mother to lung cancer four years ago, and by then he made a promise that he would support kids with problems, and so, he founded the Ricky Rubio Foundation in partnership with The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Fund. As part of his program, he brought Luca, who suffers from cancer to New York on a trip with his wife.

These types of gestures say a lot about a man’s perspective and we should give all the credit in the world to him, for donating and making programs to raise awareness about lung cancer. Also, the Jazz guard shared some solidarity values since November, as Ricky started the “One Month One Cause” campaign, which promotes social action by enlightening the local social action entity in Utah. The campaign consists of the invite of those entities to a Utah Jazz game throughout one month.  He also got some volunteers to work for the cause and build a bridge to self-reliance and health for vulnerable individuals and populations who struggle with homelessness, addiction and mental illness.

“My mother was a fighter, and it’s in her memory that I fight every day to raise awareness for lung cancer research, and give hope to those battling this terrible disease,” said Rubio for nba.com. “I’m honored to partner with organizations who are doing this work and remain committed to fighting alongside them to find a cure.”

Andrei Dilean, info@brainbasketball.net

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