SIG Strasbourg hammered at home by the ambitious Torun

In yesterday’s encounter, SIG Strasbourg was considered the clearly favorite against visitors from Poland. Polski Cukier Torun needed so bad the victory to maintain their hopes alive because even now they are at the bottom of the group A of the Basketball Champions League, with only 2 wins and 7 losses. But the rankings can’t stand in front of motivated squads.

Actually, Strasbourg is the only team beaten by the Polish side in this group, twice. And both times Torun destroyed the French with a big margin. Yesterday, Torun started strong, building a huge lead from the first quarter (12-28). They maintain the rhythm winning the next 2 quarters too, accumulating a huge difference on the board at the beginning of the last stanza. Even so, Torun players didn’t relax too much increasing the lead till the last 2 minutes, when the French team pushed a small comeback, winning the 4 quarter.

Amazing demonstration of concentration and ambition from the Polish team and on the other side, lack of everything: no defense, turnovers on the transition, poor ball movement and chaotic execution of the shots. The French showed all the ingredients of a weak basketball. It’s true that SIG Strasbourg didn’t have all their roster available for this encounter, but still, they had many experienced guys who disappointed a lot, playing without confidence and care for the ball. When this is happening, nothing can save the result. Not even the reputed coach Vincent Collet who was very surprised by the evolution of his students.

From the arc, Strasbourg had only 6 from 22 with Gabe York being the leader of missing shots at this chapter, having only 1/9. The same disastrous situation at the free-throws where the whole French squad managed to score 5 from 9. The whole stats are proving the lack of appetite from the host team, who was not able to put any problem to the Poles on both sides of the court.


Gratian Cormos