Speculating about trading players for the next season should not be allowed during the current season

This season is not finished yet and probably will be resumed, but already there are many talks about players signing for the next season. I understand that Malcolm Delaney is a free agent and he could be signed by any team, maybe Armani Milano. But if we speak about Nick Calathes, it’s not the same. He is under the contract with Panathinaikos. Normally, only after the end of the season trading talks can be made publicly. Because trade is affecting and involving many people. First the player and his former and future clubs but then, as well the teammates, their plans for the future, the fans, the sponsors and the entire basketball community.

I don’t think is good to speak now about where Nick Calathes or other players will be from September on. The players under a contract don’t have to be involved in such discussions till the season is not done. Because, anyway, this season, they cannot move from a Euroleague team to other teams, they have to finish their contracts with their current one. Only from the next season, they can actually join a new squad.

If Malcolm Delaney will sign with Armani Milan or Nick Calathes with Zenit Sankt-Petersburg, they won’t compete for these clubs if the Euroleague resumes in the next months.  They can play for their new teams only the next season and till that moment is such a long way and many things can be changed, including the budgets and other circumstance generated by the coronavirus and the rising economic crisis. Teams have plenty of time to think about the transfers later and I think that is not fair at all for the fans and for the teammates to speak about the roster changes till the season is not over yet.

The potential trades for the next season has to be kept secret, waiting for the season to be finished because these discussions can affect the players’ performance, their motivation level and the entire organization. That’s why speculating about trading players for the next season should not be allowed during the current season.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos