Stephen Curry is not showing signs of slowing down

Last night, Stephen Curry became the oldest player with consecutive 40-point nights, since Michael Jordan in 2002, and he isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Even if the Golden State Warriors started the season a little rusty here and there, having a record of 5-7, it was only a matter of time until they bounce back and start to get back on track.

Another factor that caused their slow start was coach Kerr’s experiments with the young guns, as he wants to give them as many minutes as possible in order to develop, so when playoffs time comes, they will be ready whenever he needs them, whether it will be for five minutes, or for twenty. Kerr is still “playing” with the rotations, as he tries to hunt two bunnies at the same time – develop the young core and give the veterans as much rest as he can. This type of mentality proved to win championships, because if we look back at the last season, Jordan Poole and Gary Payton II came out of nowhere and had a huge impact on the Warriors’ success. And that was because of the organization’s culture. Find and raise young talents, with a lot of potential, don’t just trade future draft picks for them or for other big stars from the league. And you have to fully respect that, because there are not many orgs in the league who manage to successfully do that.

In the game versus the Cavs, though, he put in to play the heavy artillery from start to finish, no experiments. They manage to make a comeback and win the game on Stephen Curry ’s 40-point, 5 assists and 4 rebounds game in a hard fought game vs a team that started the season very strong and has potential to finish top-4 in the Eastern Conference.



Going forward, the Warriors will soon exit the celebration mode and start to fully focus on this season, as they still have high chances on a repeat, more so if Klay Thompson will start to play like the old Klay whom we all know. It will not be easy for him, as he is showing signs of rustiness after the injury, often times not looking like himself, a bit frustrated, but he will click at some point into the season and start knocking down 3s like he is used to.