Teams to watch in EuroCup: the newcomer Prometey

Last season, Prometey was one of the revelation teams in the Basketball Champions League. They had an amazing roster and in my opinion, if the war with Russia didn’t ruin everything, the Ukrainian squad could easily advance to the Quarterfinals and maybe in the Final 4. But all the bad circumstances forced the team to refugee and play in the Czech Republic and then finally leave the European competition.

Prometey was the perfect combination between strong foreigners and very good local players with a 10 men rotation. This season they will play in the EuroCup and it seems that they are trying to rebuild that legendary team. DJ Kennedy and DJ Stephens are back and the club signed also some great basketball players like Dustin Hogue, Gian Clavell and Ondrej Balvin. The roster is completed with some solid national team of Ukraine players such as Issuf Sannon, Oleksandar Lipovyy and Viaceslav Petrov.

The transfer period is not done yet so I am sure that the Ukrainian squad will bring in at least one or two high-level guys in order to make a good impression in the EuroCup. I think they will have a chance to win a couple of games and why not? qualify for the European playoffs. Their Eurocup group is strong but balanced and anything is possible.

I hope this season the war won’t affect them too much and they could finish both competitions, the Eurocup and the domestic league of Ukraine on a high note.

Image: Basketball Champions League

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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