Too much bad luck for the same team

Too much bad luck for the same teamToo much bad luck for the same team

Very rarely can be seen a team affected so much by the injuries like Torino. At the beginning of the season, young David Okeke was out for long-term and never came back to play. Then ex-NBA player Carlos Delfino had injured, then he came back and now for the last couple of weeks, he is again on the injury list.

After the game against Milano that took place this Sunday, James McAdoo and Marco Cusin both out because of the same problem. And the last shot came during the Eurocup game from yesterday. After 14 minutes of play, the American guard Tekele Cotton just fall down with muscle tension on the foot.

That’s why Torino had any chances to make a decent game against the visitors from Frankfurt and they compromise with this game almost all the chances to advance to the Eurocup TOP 16! Torino is still the only team without a victory this season in Eurocup, registering a 0-6 record! But I think that bad luck had a big role in this situation. With such a good coach like Larry Brown and such a good roster, they could fight for the title.

Too much bad luck for the same team

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