Brandon Jennings scored just 3 points in 26 minutes

Brandon Jennings scored just 3 points in 26 minutesWhen Brandon Jennings came to Zenit Sankt-Petersburg everybody would say that this team will be in the Eurocup Finals. Well, don’t be so enthusiastic, we all know how inconstant can be the NBA players when they arrive in Europe.

That’s the reason, I prefer medium-stars with high potential, instead of big stars that convert themselves into bubblegum.

Last night, in Ankara, Brandon Jennings scored just 3 points in more than 26 minutes of play and his efficiency was just 4 units! About his defense, we can’t speak at all because it was completely missing!

On the other side, ex-Maccabi Tel-Aviv Euroleague champion, Sylven Landesberg hit a high 27 points, added 7 rebounds and 4 assists for the winner side, Turk Telekom Ankara. And Landesberg won’t be ever in the NBA! But he can do an excellent job here, at his level, in the right place, at the right time! That’s why many teams seem to prefer players with wide experience in European competition to NBA stars who switch overnight the continents in searching for glory!

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