Banvit scored 95 against Avellino’s spaghetti defense

Last night, in Basketball Champions League, Banvit proved that they are not the easy underdog. What it had to be an uncomplicated game for the home side Sidigas Avellino, it ended in a thriller hard to imagine.Banvit scored 95 against Avellino’s spaghetti defense

Recently, Banvit fired Serbian center Stefan Bircevic and guard Marcus Thornton. In addition, their other center, Tolga Gecim was injured. That’s exactly why nobody expected the good game made by the Banvit, who at the moment has just 3 foreigners, Jordan Morgan, Devin Oliver and Alex Perez, backed by a couple of Turkish youngsters with the ages between 19-22 years old.

The game was played in an NBA style, both teams scoring easily a lot of points because there was any defense: in the 1st quarter, the score was already 33-30. As a basketball fan, you won’t be surprised that Turkish young and not experimented players cannot defend NBA and Euroleague stars from Avellino, but you have to be surprised that Caleb Green, Demetris Nichols, Norris Cole & Co. couldn’t stop “the teenagers” of Banvit.

It was amazing to see all those kids scoring together 53 points against a tough squad, who play very good at home. Their fight made a real derby from what had to be a boring game.

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