Torino HAS to win against Fraport Skyliners

It’s the 6th round of the Eurocup and Torino still has no victory. They lost even with Mornar Bar, but I think it’s time for a change. The reasons for Torino to win this game against the visitors from Frankfurt are many:

  1. Coach Larry Brown is back with the team and he can organize them better
  2. Torino has a very good roster, even if they played chaotic and selfish, I think their level is better than their position on the last spot of the group
  3. It’s now or never: if Torino will lose this game, practically the Eurocup campaign is already finished for them. But if they win, they will have a big chance to qualify
  4. It’s impossible to lose all the games with such a good roster and so much money invested by the sponsors
  5. Fraport Skyliners is not a high-level team, they have decent 5 starters, but their bench players are not dangerous at all, many games they are almost scoreless
  6. One of their main centres, the German Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann is injured and he didn’t play last games
  7. In German League, Frankfurt is on the 11th position, losing 3 games from 5

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