Turk Telekom has to beat Gaziantep

After the embarrassing loss at Büyükçekmece last week, Turk Telekom will have to beat Gaziantep and here’s that’s why:

  1. Turk Telekom is a strong team and they want to reach the playoff – this won’t be possible if they lose all the easy games. Last week they didn’t play at their potential because they saved energy to beat Partizan in Eurocup
  2. They played at home this round in Eurocup so they are not tired and they will play as well at home in Eurocup next week, so they have no excuse
  3. Reggie Redding is back in the roster for Turk Telekom and he is a fabulous basketball player on both sides of the court
  4. The quality rotation of Turk Telekom is the key. Actually, I think they have the roster able to be in the semifinals in TBSL

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