Turk Telekom – pathetic, despite win vs. Galatasaray

In the openings of the Turkish Cup, the host team Turk Telekom won the game against Galatasaray but their presence on the court was pathetic. Despite having the huge advantage at rebounds category (49-27), Turk Telekom was down by 3 points entering the final 2 minutes. Why, when they had to dominate the game with such a big difference generated by the rebounds? Because:

  1. they played chaotic, making a record of 21 turnovers vs. just 11 of Galatasaray
  2. some players were not focused, committing not only turnovers but also a lot of fouls from the beginning of the game. Or they didn’t concentrate from the free-throw line. Took Sylven Landesberg as an example, a great shooter, who finished with 27 points scored, but with a very poor percentage at free-throws: 6/11 after, after having 4/9 in the key moments of the game.

The Turk Telekom’s luck was that they’ve met a team with low bench scoring, who played even worse than the host. The absence of Ender Arslan made the things more difficult for Turk Telekom too. But the lack of focus remains the most important problem for them.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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