Virtus Bologna losing shameless at home

Virtus Bologna losing shameless at homeAfter a very good European start in BCL, Virtus Bologna have lost incredibly on Sunday against the underdog Vanoli Cremona.

I think one of the big mistakes of coach Pino Sacripanti was the underestimating of the opponents, who are really a small team in European basketball. Virtus started very weak the game, including young talent Berti in the starting five. This stupid move cost them a lot, allowing Cremona to take the lead.

In the second part of the game, in the crucial moments, the referees helped a lot Cremona. So, Meo Sachetti’s team managed to take a big lead in front of disoriented and selfish Bologna squad who don’t find any solution to stop the bleeding.

Not just the referees were the problem, but as well the huge difference in rebounding the ball between the two teams, a factor that helped a lot Cremona to seal the victory. Things like these happen when you consume all your bullets try to beat Olimpija Ljubljana with 31 points margin. I saw the Bologna players in BCL fighting desperately in the last minutes of that game in Ljubljana to increase the advantage against Slovenian 18 years old players! Why did you need that huge victory? Why don’t you save your efforts to win against Cremona 4 days after?