Why is tricky to bet on Serbia vs. Georgia at Eurobasket?

It’s National teams’ time, I mean the time of huge surprises because of lack of motivation, lack of group cohesion, lack of chemistry. That’s why I don’t recommend you to bet on the national teams, except if you do it at extreme odds like 7.00, 11.00 and so on.

I know that many of the bettors can see Serbia as a clear favourite especially now when Shengelia Tornike is out with injury. Yes, Georgia looks weaker, but this win doesn’t mean too much for the qualifiers. Why I don’t bet on Serbia? Because:

Even if they lose against Georgia, in the case that Switzerland will win against Finland, Serbia will be 100% sure about qualifiers if they top Switzerland in the last game of the group. So, that game will be important and that’s why Marko Guduric and Vasilije Micic are expected to join the Serbian national team for the Sunday’s encounter.

Georgia is playing at home, even without Shengelia, they have Giorgi Shermadini, Beka Burjanadze and the new naturalized American guard Conner Frankamp.

Normally, in the games that are not vital, Serbian teams are disappointing because they play without lust, trying to lose, not to win those encounters! Generally speaking, I avoid also betting on ex-Yugoslavian clubs because they just do anything possible to lose some games in very doubtful circumstances.

If this game would have been crucial I would recommend you to bet 10 000 on Serbia, but it’s not! We don’t know the level of motivation or if they save energy for the next game vs. Switzerland.


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