Take a look at all the rosters’ changes

The FIBA windows made a long-awaited break for the domestic leagues in Europe. Many teams operated important changes in their roster and this should be analyzed by each bettor. Now it’s the moment of a new beginning for many clubs that are going to fight for a playoff spot or to avoid relegation.

Some clubs didn’t make any move sooner because didn’t want to pay new players since the beginning of February if no games will be played. They waited for this moment when the Eurobasket campaign is over.

These rosters changes operated since the end of January can be divided into the following 2 categories:

  • teams that are investing the last money saved bringing in 1 or 2 new players in order to strengthen the rotation for better results (reaching playoffs, avoiding relegation, fighting for the title)
  • teams that are getting rid of expensive players that didn’t perform as expected. These clubs are conscient about the impossibility of reaching their initial goals this season and that’s why it’s wiser for them to cut expenses like Khimki Moscow and Crvena Zvezda did. 

The best thing for the bettors in this break of February is to observe and to understand the meaning of all those changes in the rosters of the squads. The real battle begins now, the first part of the season was like a sort of warm-up for the majority of the teams.

Image: EuroLeague

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