Why is important the return of Paul Gasol to Barça?

There were a lot of discussions about the return of the ex-NBA champion to his former Spanish club. Pros- and cons -but in the end what is the meaning? Why is so important?

FC Barcelona was looking for a center to complete their roster for the season. Is Pau Gasol the best option for this? I think that if he will be back on the court, recovered from all those injuries that kept him out in the last years he will be the best option for the Catalan club.

I am not expecting him to do miracles because he is not young anymore, his physical situation won’t allow him to do what he really wants and it is not only his experience that can help FC Barcelona. It’s more about chemistry. He will reunite now with a former teammate from the Spanish national team and NBA, Nikola Mirotic and I am sure this is a great team because in my opinion chemistry is the key.

Probably you could find better centers on the market right now. More expensive ones, definitely in a better shape than Pau, but maybe the chemistry won’t work. Pau is clever, motivated, experienced and winning the Euroleague with FC Barcelona should be a nice last dance! Then, of course, he will return to NBA next season to win a couple of titles with the Lakers before retirement :))

Image: EuroLeague

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