When FIBA created Basketball Champions League a couple of years ago, in response to the whole dispute with Euroleague, nobody would have believed that soon this will become such an important competition in Europe. Step by step, season by season, many important clubs have joined the new competition and now it seems that BasketballCL will grow again adding more famous names from the basketball scene.

It is a crucial moment when FIBA can overshadow the Eurocup by attracting some important clubs in BasketballCL. Let’s see why is this happening and which could be the reasons for the teams to switch the competitions, choosing BasketballCL:

  • first of all, BasketballCL is offering more games because of the format – they have groups of 8 teams and Eurocup – groups of only 6 teams. So, the teams from BasketballCL will offer to the fans 14 games (7 at home) till the playoffs and the Eurocup only 10 games (5 at home). For the majority of the basketball fans, this is very important.
  • the level in BasketballCL is more tied, the competition itself more attractive and every year is growing with the new additions. In Eurocup, you have actually a couple of favourite teams, almost the same every season and then a lot of underdogs. Normally the number of teams is only 24 in Eurocup, but 2 years ago it was also reduced to 20 teams that season because the organizers didn’t find enough clubs to be involved. So, in Eurocup, you have 3-4 real competitors for the title each season, while in BasketballCL there are around 10 teams with the real chances to be crowned as champions.
  • Till this season only one team, the winner of the Eurocup won a Euroleague spot for the next year. Now, both finalists have an assured spot, but even so, it is a very closed competition, with many teams knowing that they have no chance to win that spot and even if they could win it, they won’t have the money to stay in the Euroleague more than a season.
  • For all these reasons, BasketballCL is more open than Eurocup, offering more democratic access to the final stages, making the playoff fight more interesting. Let’s not forget that the BasketballCL playoff has 16 teams, while the Eurocup only 8.

The next season, BasketballCL will be even more powerful and attractive. It is the hope for many clubs that are not so rich, but they are definitely in the elite of European basketball and they want to play their fair possibilities to win an important title.

Photo: Basketball Champions League

Gratian Cormos