Worst Finishers: Real Madrid

Our today guest to Worst Finishers are the reigning champions. Real Madrid did a good job against Fenerbahce, against the referees, against all odds, but they missed the finish.

With 2 minutes remaining, Real Madrid had 6 points advantage: 63-57 after an incredible 9-0 run. But they started to commit mistakes who led them to eventually lose the game:

  1. They allowed Marko Guduric to score from the arc, instead of defending just the 3 points line, because it was the only hope for Fenerbahce!
  2. With 1 minute and 19 seconds left, after Edy Tavares was fouled by Jan Vesely, Real Madrid had another 14 seconds. I didn’t understand why Trey Thompkins hurried up to shot a ridiculous 3 pointer instead of running out the clock
  3. On the next Fenerbahce attack, Real Madrid offers them the possibility to catch 3 offensive rebounds. From the last one, Vesely finally scored 2 points.
  4. Real Madrid HAD to try to force Fenerbahce to make fouls and like this to obtain some free-throws in the last 2 minutes. They had just crazy stupid shots, choosing the worst moments and positions to attack the rim.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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