Anadolu Efes- the 3 point shooting machine

Anadolu Efes– the 3 point shooting machine

In the modern era, the 3 point shot is vital. Golden State Warriors proved that and changed definitely the way that game of basketball was conceived till them. Anadolu Efes is a team build exactly on this type of basketball. This was the key of qualifying in the Euroleague playoffs and then to reach the Final 4 after 18 years of pause.

And all these records they have made in the series against F.C. Barcelona have their origins in this particular way of attacking the rim. Everybody considered amazing the 63 shots made from the arc by the Turkish powerhouse in 5 playoff games or even the 17 3pointers made in the last battle when they eliminated the Blaugrana team. But I don’t know if somebody realized that actually, Anadolu Efes was shooting much more from the 3 point line than inside the arc.

The stats were totally unbalanced in favor of the long shot range. Anadolu Efes had 17 from 39 on 3 points meanwhile they attempted only 15 shots inside the arc. Like the stats show the Turkish squad had almost 3 times more shots from 3s than from 2s. This is the best proof that their offense is oriented to maximize the long shots. Dunston Bryant and Tibor Pleiss are there only to protect the rim, to rebound and to score by dunking in the paint on the other side of the court.

Adopting this “Warriors strategy” Efes proved once again it is not anymore necessary to play an ugly basketball pushing the other centers and fighting like wrestlers around the basket when you have the easiest and more efficient option of shooting from the arc. This is modern basketball and let’s see if it can work at the same level against Fenerbahce in the semis in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Gratian Cormos,

Anadolu Efes- the 3 point shooting machine

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