Attacking the high odds with anticipation: Real Madrid vs. Olimpia Milano case

Today, I will teach you an important principle that I practice since many years ago: betting with anticipation on the next rounds. Sometimes is not possible because the bookies are not offering the odds for the next games or they are offering only odds on main competitions like the Euroleague or Liga ACB. Why are they doing so? Because these 2 competitions in Europe have the hardest degree of prediction, while the teams involved have strong and large rotations that won’t be so affected by possible injuries of one or two players.

So the odds on the major competitions are more stable and in theory, the lines won’t move so fast before the bookmakers will be figuring out what is happening.

Now I will give you the right example. If during a game I see 2 players from the same team got injured I search immediately for their next game or games and find valuable odds on their opponents. This time is the case of Real Madrid that has Sergio Lull and Gabriel Deck out with injuries during the encounter at Anadolu Efes. They won’t play against Armani Olimpia Milano next round.

The odds on the Italian team are huge in my opinion: 3.65, so I bet without hesitation the maximum allowed on Olimpia Milano. Why? Because when all the bettors from Europe will read the news with Real Madrid’s list of injuries the odds will drop dramatically. So, you have to bet quick being between the first people on the market to take that line!

Image: EuroLeague 

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