Fortitudo made an amazing game at Cantu

Yesterday, Fortitudo Bologna visited Cantu with a decimated roster. If they have lost the encounter, could be an excellent excuse because they were without Pietro Aradori, Matteo Fantinelli, Stefano Mancinelli, Ethan Happ and TreShaun Fletcher (already fired by Fortitudo). Wesley Saunders was in the roster for the game but he didn’t enter at all.

Actually, Fortitudo had only 3 foreigners for this game, while the most famous Italians were missing. On the other side, Cantu had 6 foreigners and a deeper rotation. But the motivation and the chemistry saved the day for the visitors who lost only the first quarter and then taking the lead and eventually winning with a comfortable lead: 80-67.

The Italian players had an impressive contribution to the victory. Leonardo Tote had 19 points, grabbing 6 rebounds, while Mattia Palumbo, Tommaso Baldasso and Gherardo Sabatini shared the next places with 8, 8 and 7 points scored for Fortitudo.

This is exactly what everybody expected from Fortitudo: attitude. If this team could do such a good game in short rotation, I trust them to play even better when the absent players will be back. They will have a deep rotation because with all the players healthy they have one of the largest benches not only in Italy but in Europe. I hope to see Fortitudo Bologna entering the playoffs in Legabasket this season and doing some surprise once arrived there.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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