Betting lessons: Voluntari – U-Banca Transilvania

In the final of the Romanian Supercup, I chose Voluntari to win vs. U-Banca Transilvania at an odd 3.10 in the morning. For me, it was very clear that the odd was too high for the reality of the encounter. U-Banca Transilvania is a great team and the fact they won the Champions League qualifiers in Athens proved that. But you have to see the specifics of the encounter and the rules of the Romanian Supercup.

Voluntari has probably the best Romanian players in the league: Vlad Moldoveanu, Roland Torok, David Vida and Marcu Badiu which counted a lot on the court. On the other side, U-Banca Transilvania had some important missing players: Nandor Kuti and Giordan Watson.

Slowly the odd on Voluntari started to descend- so it was a worthy bet. Then at live, the battle was very balanced till the last minutes when Voluntari took the lead with 80-76. At that moment, it was essential to bet also on U-Banca Transilvania because their odd was 2.70. If you did so, you had a win-win situation. If you stood there like a spectator at the cinema, helpless and praying for the win of your favourite team, it’s your problem. Always in this kind of situation, you have to assure your bet placing some money on the other team or to make quickly a cashout.

The game was decided by a few small details in the last minutes, like a block, a missed 3-pointer, then some perfect shots made by U-BT’s players. An amazing 11-0 run gave the win to U-Banca Transilvania.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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