Betting on the underdog is even better in the COVID era

The small odds are a mess from many points of view, but to simplify the things in one sentence: they don’t bring you enough money, while you risk a lot. The people are afraid to bet on the underdogs and this way they accept what I have called “the tyranny of the odds” – what actually the bookies are serving us through the betting system. They establish which team is valuable, which is not etc. My advice is to not accept the odds, to rethink them every hour if possible. Because an underdog odd of 4.40 could be much better and true compared with 1.17 on the favourite.

In the Coronavirus times betting on the underdog is even more suitable. The level of the teams is more tied than ever. The extreme odds doesn’t mean anything, especially now when many players had coronavirus and they are recovering from it, they didn’t train properly and enough, they are out of shape, fat and slow. Also, the psychological factor of anxiety regarding the disease can work in unexpected ways in people’s mind. If you see 2 teammates diagnosed with Coronavirus, it is normal to be more afraid and to think that maybe you will have it too in the next days.
For all these reasons, huge odds should be taken by bettors. These odds are more true than before because of the chaotic moment that the entire humanity is going through right now. When there is not so clear which is the favourite and who is the underdog, better to pick the highest odds.
Gratian Cormos is a life coach and mentor living in Barcelona, Spain. He is the author of the book “How to bet on basketball” available here for only 11 euros. For the passionate bettors, he created a Telegram channel where you can subscribe in order to receive ALL the betting tips that he makes.